Introducing Affordable Custom Application Development for Manufacturers

Featuring Applications To Dramatically Improve Manufacturing Processes – And Your Bottom Line

App Development For Manufacturers

Applications Can Dramatically Improve Manufacturing Processes – And Your Bottom Line

How much is an hour worth on one of your machines? How many hours a week is that machine not earning? Down-time is costly and it spreads from machine, through operators, and up through management as set-up errors, lengthy changeovers and wastage eat away at your profit margin.

In many instances one of our applications can streamline setups and changeovers to minimize downtime for machines, operators and their supervisors, while virtually eliminating losses due to incorrect part production.

No-Risk Software Development

We create applications for your business that are paid for out of the cost reductions you realize by implementing those applications.

Circumference has long been an innovation leader in technology services, and now we're leading the way in bringing high-end custom application development to companies of all sizes. Our new no-risk application development program gives you access to software customized to your business needs, but without the traditional cost barriers to custom software development.

Wasting money on down-time? Change-overs costing you a fortune? Got areas where you know operations could be a lot more efficient? We can help.

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You're only a call away from discovering just how much one of our custom applications can improve your business performance and boost your bottom line. We'd love the opportunity to help you develop your business case – and to explain the details of how our NO-RISK offer works.

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