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Waterloo Region Meet-Ups

The Factory of the Future: Industry 4.0: March 1, 2018

Business owners discuss challenges they have faced and solutions they have implemented to meet industry 4.0 requirements of their customers and supply chain partners.  Get the EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

A Byte-Sized Approach To Getting More from your Existing Infrastructure. - June 21, 2018

Learn how performance levels can be raised substantially by making small, systematic improvements to processes and systems as opposed to full scale rip-and replace strategies. Get the EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

Dashboards: What Information Should Be On Yours? - October 18, 2018

Dashboards can provide up to the moment information on every aspect of your business. Learn about the advantages that a connected factory offers, and how to customize KPIs for individual stakeholder needs. REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT

Meeting Industry 4.0 Requirements: You’re Closer Than You Might Think! - Kitchener - December 13, 2018

Many business owners are concerned that efforts to meet industry 4.0 requirements will be too costly and disruptive. Learn from your peers about ways to implement the needed changes according to a schedule and budget that fits your needs. REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT

Greater Ottawa Area Meet-Ups

Cyber Security As A Competitive Advantage - May 3 2018

Learn how taking the appropriate security measures for your business can be leveraged as a competitive advantage. To register please contact Lee Carrey at 613 627-4318  ext.202 or by email

Additional Ottawa area meet-ups are scheduled for August 23 and December 6, 2018. Please contact Lee for details.




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